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TurboBrush360 KIDS With FREE Foaming Toothpaste

TurboBrush360 KIDS With FREE Foaming Toothpaste

TurboBrush360 KIDS With FREE Foaming Toothpaste

TurboBrush360 KIDS With FREE Foaming Toothpaste

TurboBrush360 KIDS With FREE Foaming Toothpaste


Introducing TurboBrush360 KIDS

Every TurboBrush360 KIDS comes with a FREE month's supply of our TurboBrush360 foaming toothpaste!! 

With over 11,000 TurboBrush360s Sold parents are finally winning the brush time battle by making brush time, fun time! 

Over the battle of boring, painful, brushing? TURBO KIDS makes brush time, fun time! Your little one will feel special with their very own Turbo animal friend to brush with every tooth time. No more long brushing times, TurboBrush360 takes only 30 seconds for a full cleaning. You can do it all with the handsfree, hassle free cleaning of TurboBrush360 KIDS.

What is TurboBrush360 KIDS?

TurboBrush360 KIDS  is a fun, automatic electric toothbrush your child can use for an effective yet convenient way of brightening their smile while giving that just left the dentist clean feeling! TurboBrush360 is designed to brush all teeth at once, with bristles that will cover your child’s entire smile. TurboBrush360 gives your little one a deep, complete clean that is powerful enough to remove 99.8% of bacteria, but sensitive enough to not make their gums bleed! Got braces? No problem! TurboBrush360 provides the same powerful clean for kids with braces too!

How To Use

 Three Easy Steps:

Plug: Simply plug in the TurboBrush360 KIDS electric toothbrush to charge. After fully charging, TurboBrush360 KIDS will last for up to 1 week before needing to charge again!

Paste:  Apply toothpaste

Play: Turn on the electric toothbrush and have your child place in their mouth for a deep 360 degree cleaning

It is important to make brush time, fun time in order to develop good oral hygiene at a young age in order to :

  • Prevent cavities
  • Lower dentist bills
  • Continue excellent oral hygiene as an adult  
  • Maintain a positive self-image
  • Perform better in school
  • Minimize risk of gum disease and gingivitis

Why Is Using TurboBrush360 Better For Your Child Than A Traditional Toothbrush?

More Effective: Traditional brushing only cleans to the best of your brushing technique and ability. Traditional brushing can cause bleeding gums from over brushing, cavities from not brushing enough, or not brushing at all because your child doesn’t feel like it. Odds are, your child (and you) are not perfect and can be missing key areas! TurboBrush360, on the other hand, cleans all areas thoroughly from all 360 degrees!

Fast & Friendly: Let our Turbo animal characters quickly turn brush time into fun time!  Saving time with TurboBrush360 KIDS is easy since it cleans all 32 teeth simultaneously, so it only takes 30 seconds for a complete clean! Everyone has 30 seconds to spare VS the struggle of traditional brushes needing at least 2 minutes of brush time.

Safer & Cleaner: Applying too much pressure or using a toothbrush with too strong of  Nylon bristles can scratch teeth and gums, damaging them over time and causing damage to enamel and gum bleeding. Traditional toothbrushes are also trap bacteria in the bristles because they are harder to clean. The soft, silicone bristles on TurboBrush360 are not only are safe for teeth and gums but they are easy to clean & maintain!

    One (1) TurboBrush360

    One (1) Brush Heads

    One (1) Charging Base

    One (1) USB Charging Cable