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What is TurboBrush360?

TurboBrush360 is the world’s first hands-free 360-degree cleansing system. Brushing has never been this easy! With the press of a button, you get a dentist level cleaning in 30 seconds. TurboBrush360 offers 3 speeds of clean allowing you to choose your experience.

Does TurboBrush360 Work With Braces?

Yes, in fact, TurboBrush360 is amazing at cleaning those hard-to-get places regular toothbrushes can’t reach with braces.

What Makes TurboBrush360 Better than a Regular Toothbrush?

All hand-held brushes regardless if it’s traditional, manual and electric can unfortunately only clean as well as the user brushes and doesn’t provide a consistent clean. Even with good technique errors are made. TurboBrush360 eliminates these errors giving a consistent clean with every brush.

Since the TurboBrush360 provides a simultaneous 360-degree cleaning, you can brush every possible surface spot in a much shorter amount of time.

In addition, nylon bristles found on traditional toothbrushes can scratch your teeth’s enamel and cut your gums. They are also harder to clean, making them a safe haven for germs and bacteria. The silicone bristles on TurboBrush360 are not only effective while cleaning, but they also provide an amazing dental level cleaning faster.

How do I Assemble My TurboBrush360?

Step 1: Charge your battery using the charging pad. The charging pad will light up when it’s connected. Plug the charging pad in using the USB cables provided. The light indicator will turn off when it’s fully charged. A full charge last for 30 days.

Step 2: Attach your brush head to the battery.

How do I Use My TurboBrush360?

  1. Run our Foaming Toothpaste along top and bottom of brush head from one end to the other.
  2. Insert brush head into your mouth and bite down a bit so the silicone bristles wrap around all of your teeth.
  3. Firmly press the front button. The battery capsule will automatically vibrate to brush all teeth and gums simultaneously. Let it run through entire cycles between 15-30 seconds. You can press the button again to try all 3 different vibration modes and to activate built-in blue light teeth whitening technology!
  4. Remove brush head from your mouth, spit, and rinse. The brush head easily rinses off with water.

When Should I Change My Brush Head?

Brush heads should be replaced every 2-3 months (additional heads can be purchased on our site).

How Often Should I Clean My TurboBrush360?

The head of your brush should be cleaned thoroughly after each use. The body can be wiped down with a warm towel once a month to avoid damage from toothpaste residue.

Is TurboBrush360 Waterproof?

Every part of the TurboBrush360 is completely waterproof. However, do not fully immerse in water (make sure your waterproof cap is on the charging port of pad before getting wet).

What Will My Package Come With?

How Long Do I Need to Brush?

No longer do you need to sing a song to yourself while brushing! With this incredible 360-degree cleaning technology you just need 15-30 seconds of brushing time.

How Do I Charge My TurboBrush360?

  1. Place battery capsule on charging pad. Charging pad will illuminate light up when contact is made. If the light does not activate or is blinking, adjust placement.
  2. Connect one end of USB cable to USB charging port on the charging pad.
  3. Connect the other end of USB cable to a USB power supply. Light indicator will turn off once fully charged. Full charges last for 30 days.

How do I use the Teeth Whitening Kit with my TurboBrush360?

  1. Press the power button on the TurboBrush360 4 times, until the whitening blue light activates.
  2. Line whitening gel onto the brush’s head by pressing the plunger down, completely apply it to both sides.
  3. Insert brush head into your mouth and bite down so silicone bristles completely wrap around your teeth.
  4. Do something relaxing for the next 10-30 minutes allowing the teeth whitening process takes place. Spit and rinse once down. Press the power button again to turn off blue light for next session.
  5. Results do vary, but many report whiter teeth in as little as 3 days but recommended to repeat daily for 21 days for optimal results!

Return Policy:

If your TurboBrush360 does not meet your full satisfaction, it may be returned to our address for a full refund. Refunds can only be offered to your original method of payment for 10 days. Items must also be unused, unworn and unwashed to be accepted for return. Shipping costs are non-refundable. The cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund.

*All hygiene based products are more difficult to return and demand more attention to detail before processing. Therefore we have a more strict policy which grants us the ability to evaluate per customer inquiries on a case by case basis. This structure allows us to fully ensure whether a problem is, in fact irreversible to allow a full return. If you do experience an issue with TurboBrush360, just be sure to reach out to us right away and we will be sure to guarantee full satisfaction!