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The latest innovation in dental technology, TurboBrush360 offers hands-free, automatic professional cleaning everyday.

Limited Time: Coral Clean Bundle
  • 360° Clean

    Full  360° scrubbing power at every angle guarantees nothing is missed. 

  • 30 Seconds Of TurboTime

    30 non-stop seconds of hands-free scrubbing is all you'll need for a complete clean.

  • 3 Speeds

    3 custom speed settings to choose from for a more targeted experience.

  • Whiter & Brighter

    Equipped with a dental-grade blue light for whitening. It also kills bacteria & disinfects.

Introducing TurboBrush360 KIDS

The TurboBrush360 KIDS is not only the FIRST of its kind, it's also the most advanced dental technology available for children. Your little one will love "brush time" with our selection of adorable panda characters. This will lead to a clean and healthy smile and great brushing habits for life. 

Picky Kid Approved!

Does your child hate brushing their teeth? Sick of the nightly battle and toothbrush mess? TurboBrush360 makes brushing fast, easy & most importantly FUN! TurboBrush360 makes kids WANT to brush their teeth! It is fast & fun! No more fighting for a healthy smile, TurboBrush360 is the answer.

Life Is Hard.. #BrushEasy

How To Use TurboBrush360

  • STEP #1

    Evenly apply foaming toothpaste to entire brush head.  

  • STEP #2

    Put the brush in your mouth, press power button, & wait seconds for automatic dental-grade cleaning!

  • STEP #3

    Spit and rinse. It’s really that simple :)

Revolutionizing Family Oral Care

Technology puts the world at your fingertips. TurboBrush360 finally brings the future into your oral care. Freeing both your hands and time to do more of the activities you love with the people you love.

Our Happy TurboBrush360 Customers

TurboBrush360 is awesome. It whitens my teeth and saves so much time! My teeth have never felt cleaner. Threw my toothbrush & my whitening strips away.

Completely changed my brushing habits. Love being able to pick the speed since I have sensitive teeth. Highly reccomend!

My kids finally stopped fighting me about brushing their teeth! The toothpaste tastes great and they think it's fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

I saw this in a magazine at my dentist office and HAD to get it. I can’t believe how much time I save everyday only having to brush for 30 seconds! 5 stars!

Hands down (literally) the best toothbrush out there! My mouth feels so clean and refreshed every morning and night.

I travel all the time and packing all my toiletries is such a hassle.  I love being able to pop TurboBrush in whenever Im on the go! 

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